Sunday, November 29, 2015


You may recall I had an incident with tea meeting laptop that fixed itself after a drying out period.  Unfortunately, not long after, a full cup of fresh brewed coffee took a tumble and splattered over everything in the immediate vicinity, including my laptop.  And this time it did not completely recover.  But now I have a new keyboard and I am back in action again.
If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you've had a lovely long weekend filled with food and family and friendship.
 It was a school/work day here for my husband and son.  Mid-morning I babysat a friend's daughter for a couple of hours.
And then came home to make a vegan Thanksgiving meal of sliced tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, cornbread and mushroom & dumplings.
It all turned out really, really good and only took about an hour to fix.  Later in the evening, I even made my first vegan pumpkin pie which was excellent.
I'm really wishing it wasn't all gone now because just looking at the picture makes me want more.
Since my last post, there's been a trip to Dubai, lots of walks, crochet and all sorts of activities taking place.  Hopefully I can get caught up soon, but for now, I think I'll make the rounds and visit as many of you as I can.  It was too hard to comment when some of the keys on my keyboard weren't working properly so I was forced to take a break.
Thankful to be back in blogland again.

Happy Sunday!


Teresa Kasner said...

Welcome back, Tammy.. I missed you! Sorry about your laptop problems.. scares me to think of having my coffee tip over onto my laptop.. although I sit it on the edge of it while I have my breakfast.. I need to stop doing that. It was neat to see you make your Thanksgiving feast without the turkey! Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

faith76 said...

Glad you have got a working key board again. They should invent anti liquid keyboards. I always seem to have a mishap with mobile phones and cups of tea but have just got a new phone that is meant to be resistant to breaking if dunked in any water etc. We will see. The thankgiving meal looks delishous xx

Mereknits said...

Sometimes a break is refreshing and wonderful. But that being said I am glad you are back. Your meal sounds delicious.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tammy, I don't understand...was the laptop keyboard totally replaced? How's that happen? At any rate, glad you've had it fixed and are at easier viewing, typing. Wonder if I should put plastic wrap over my keyboard; would it help?
Seriously, I'm such a non high tech geek, haven't a clue how most of these things work. Are you going to do a post on Dubai? I've seen photos and Mission Impossible...Tom Cruise doing his own stunts still boggles my mind!...and would love to see your travelogue.

Betsy said...

You've been missed Tammy and it's wonderful to see you back in blogland. Sorry to hear about your laptop. Most of my blog guy stuff is done on my IPad so not quite as much danger there. :-). Yummy looking meal...especially the sweet potatoes and pie. Have a lovely day my friend.

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a colourful and delicious-looking post! Mushrooms with dumplings sound wondeful. We love roasted squash and have been eating a lot of it this fall, thanks to a generous sister with a garden.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, Tammy. :)

Createology said...

So very thankful you have a new keyboard and are back. Dubai sounds so amazing to visit. I also think Abu Dhabi would be dreamy...but very expensive. I just watched Formula 1 as they raced the final 2015 round there. Your dinner does look very good...and healthy!

Terra said...

That is so frustrating when the keys don't work. My other computer is a laptop and several keys don't work, including the space bar, so my husband set up a "virtual keyboard" but it is tedious to use. I am happy to see you back in action in blog land.

Diane said...

Glad your're back. Your Thanksgiving feast looks so good. Of all those things I love the cornbread best, Grandma was from the south and made the BEST. Diane

Gracie Saylor said...

I'm thankful you are back, Tammy. Your Thanksgiving meal looked yummy! I just made soup with some of our leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal. Wishing you a happy week! xx

Quinn said...

Your meal looks delicious! And I know what you mean about wishing it wasn't all gone...I just ate the last piece of my (second) cranberry cake and am already planning to bake a third! It's the season of crockpot and casserole here, and although I always try to have something hearty on hand (I just had faro with leftover turkey chili and peanut sauce for breakfast) it's really nice to have a little treat to reach for now and then.
Glad you've got your keyboard problem worked out! I know - I guess we ALL know - how frustrating computer issues can be. Looking forward to your posts, as always. :)

Linda said...

That's great that your computer is fixed! Hooray. :)

Kit said...

So great that you are back! Your meal looks wonderful and I can see why you want more pie. It looks yummy. We had a lovely holiday and now on to Christmas! Kit

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I hate to think what lies inside my keyboard!
I often nibble a biscuit while having a cup of tea and tapping away on the computer!
Tammy, your vegan meal looks amazing - Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration which I wish we had here too.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I loved your thankful posts! I need to remind myself about being thankful as of late more, as I am accepting being handicapped now and my mind is not always thankful about it. I am sorry about your laptop :(. I bought a back up laptop in January because I knew the one I love and use will go kaput soon...but I don't like as much as the old I am still refusing to switch and deal with the thing shutting down when it overheats etc etc.
Happy December!

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