Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday with Melissa

Today I took a break from household duties to spend time with my very good friend, Melissa.  We decided awhile back that whenever we got together, we would try out new restaurants and shops.  Instagram has been a great way to discover what's out there.

First we had brunch at The Gathering Bistro.
 I absolutely loved the cozy atmosphere and decor.   
And how drawings on the walls were mixed with the actual physical decoration.  
 Very hard to get good pictures while there were other customers in the restaurant.
 There's a lovely seating area outside, though it is much to hot to take advantage of it right now.
We decided that we definitely need to go back again to try some of the lunch items on the menu.
Melissa is always the navigator on these outings as she has GPS on her phone and my sense of direction is severely lacking.  (I would have never made the 3,210 mile journey in the States last month without my trusty Garmin GPS.) 

Our next stop was a shop called Darhaa.
Nicely designed and displayed, but much smaller than I had anticipated. 
 Filled with unique gifts and a gift wrapping service is offered.
 Some things were a little pricey but specialty items usually are.

It was nice to get out and about for a few hours and discover new places, but tomorrow it is back to cleaning.  

Hope you all have a great week!


Diane said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Hope this one is, too. Diane

Home Meadows said...

Sounds like a fun morning with your friend. Hope your week is going well so far. Heather

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

the bistro is my favourite!!!!
xxxx Ale

Linda said...

Looks like a super fun day! I enjoy finding and trying new places. :)

Betsy said...

Your shops look so inviting today Tammy. I really like the decorations in "The Gathering", especially the plates and the rug on the walls. The shop looks a little speedy for me but a fun place to look around. It reminds me of the Coach bag shops here in the states. I'm so glad you get to go out and meet friends. I wish more of my friends were available to have lunch during the day. That's why I so enjoy my visits with the girls here in Portland.

Terra said...

What a fun outing with your friend; the Gathering Place and then the shop.

Acorn to Oak said...

It's always so fun to see new places! That restaurant looks like fun. I like how they mixed drawings with actual things too. Looks like there was a lot to look at there. It's interesting to me that so much is in English. Is that the main language there? Or, at least, in the big cities?

Debby said...

What a beautiful place. I love all the words and the telephone outline. Cleaning is just not fun.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love going out with you (via your blog) as I never get out much. This way I don't spend any money either! LOL!
That was really cool how they drew around the actual physical objects on the wall. How creative!
I took a "spa day" today....cleaned myself back to the dishes and laundry and cooking a meal of some sort for tonight. I love that you're back to blogging were missed!
P.S. I saw your post on all your crochet and was very impressed with your giant Granny square with colors inspired by the artwork....awesome! I'm trying to do that with my next project/blanket....definitely something inspired by the colors in nature around here.
P.S.P.S. I also copied your weather widget and put it on my blog...I think it's neat to see the time and temp in places around the world. Toodles!

September Violets said...

Sounds like a great way to discover new places to shop and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee! The display of wrapped gifts reminds me of Christmas. Wendy x

Susan said...

Hello Tammy....

I think it's great that you had a little excursion with your friend. That adds to life's enjoyment.

Thanks so much for your visits and comments on my blog. Love when you stop by. Susan

Createology said...

You are wise to not miss spending time with a friend and discovering new joys. Cleaning is overrated.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
LOVED that Gathering Bistro with its cute outdoor and indoor bistro chairs. That has been quite an artist with humor who did all the painting; especially the one on the trash can.
The gift shop indeed looked small but very unique one could tell.
Oh, I did skip the cleaning on Saturday as I had a bladder infection and took it easy till about evening when I had to start making my desserts for Sunday morning as I had Coffee Hour at our Church, after Mass. Got it done and they loved my Tiramisù, Bavarian Cream and Chocolate Velvet Cake... But this week I too have to pick up on the cleaning again. Today I did all the administration; mainly paying bills and some emails.
Hugs to you,

Quinn said...

Darhaa looks like just the right shop for me...lots of lovely things displayed in an interesting way, in a tiny shop so I could see everything then leave before becoming overwhelmed! And I also like the clever mixture of decorations and drawings at the Gathering...what a fun idea.
Great outing, Tammy...thanks for taking us all along!

Mary said...

A day out with good friends can be so much fun. That looked like a great place to eat - love the art too, that always makes a restaurant seem more personal and welcoming.

Hugs - Mary

Mistea said...

Those both look like fun places to visit. Love the art at the restaurant. Those plates are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The Gathering looks like a wonderful place.

How hot is it whet you are? We are on the mid 90s most days.

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks like a lovely shop with all kinds of things to consider buying! xx

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful places. I like the little bistro, so cute.


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