Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Overdue Thank You's

While in the States this summer, Sheila Rumney sent me the the loveliest handmade gifts.
A Bee Happy card.
And a FAITH art necklace.
Both are really so very special and I appreciate them so much.
Thank you, Sheila.
(I'm not the only one who likes the necklace but I managed to retrieve it before Jingles made a clean getaway.)
After we arrived back to Kuwait, a surprise package was delivered to me all the way from Australia.
Nicole at Dabbling All Day sent me another pay-it-forward gift which was totally unexpected.
Thank you so much Nicole!
Three very pretty knitted washcloths, chocolate and a sweet card.
Next thing I know, I receive an envelope from Patty at Patty's Pretty Things filled with the sweetest handmade cards.  They really are so lovely.
Thanks Patty!
 And then, just the other day, I received not one, but two packages from the States.
First, Sharon at From My Front Porch sent me the most beautiful cross-stitched towel.
As a cross-stitcher, I know the work that went into making it.
I am so grateful for your sweet gift Sharon!
 And last but not least are gifts from Jan.
I love the card which is made from a watercolor image done by a local artist.
That same artist, Nora Larimer, also painted the trivet with Colorado Columbine.
A scarf, bracelet and earrings (made by a friend of Jan's with coated copper and fresh water bronze pearls).
And the sweetest felt ornament made by Jan herself.
They are all so beautiful and I love them so much!
Jan and I were supposed to meet in Colorado this summer but it just didn't work out.
Maybe next year.
You can find Jan at A Journey.
Please visit all these lovely ladies when you have a moment.
Blog friends really are so kind and generous! 
Once again, I must apologize for my absence from blogging.
I do miss visiting all of you.  I just wanted to pop in for a quick hello.  We leave in the wee hours of the morning on another adventure.  Will be back in a week's time.
Hope all is well where you are!
Best wishes and blessings,


Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, you are one lucky girl getting all those goodies! I hope you have a good trip, wherever you're off to. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Your mailbox must have been singing!!

And you're welcome. I hope you wear the earrings on your new adventure!

Love you,

Claudia said...

You deserve all these lovely gifts, Tammy! Bloggers are lovely people.


Pam said...

it's always great to get a Play It Forward package. Your gifts are lovely. You are so gracious with your talents, it's good to see others appreciate your kindness.

Mereknits said...

Lovely, lovely presents, you deserve each and every one of them. Have a fantastic adventure.

Quinn said...

My gosh, what an abundance of lovely gifts! I hope you traded a treat to Jingles for the "return" of your necklace ;)
Happy trails, and safe journey to you, Tammy!

Betsy said...

Beautiful, beautiful gifts and you are very deserving of each and every one. Jingles looks like he really, really wanted that necklace!
Glad you're back and ready for another adventure.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such lovely and thoughtful gifts! Good hearing from you!

Melanie said...

Beautiful gifts - lucky you! Have fun on your newest adventure; you're one busy lady!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dearest Tammy
For one of the nicest people in blogland - I'm not surprised the gifts have been flooding into your letterbox!
All different and oh so lovely!
Wishing you a very happy weekend
much love and hugs

Alessandra said...

enjoy your new adventure!!!!!
xxxx ale

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What sweet gifts Tammy. You are a beloved blogger, sharing your world with us :)

Caterina Giglio said...

lovely gifts and makes going to the mail box such a treat!

Sangeetha said...

Dear Tammy,
Sweet gifts for a sweet person. Loved reading this post from you after a long time. I have not been blogging too but alas no romantic travels for me. :)Just catching up with household routine. Hope you have a great time on your next adventure. Love.

Wanda said...

There is a reason why people received lovely gifts...They are usually lovely people. And that's just what you are.

How nice that your friends show their love and affection in wonderful tangible ways.

Love and Hugs ~ Have a great adventure.

oldthings said...

Dearest Tammy ,bloggers friend are so lovely and all these gifts deserves to you ! Enjoy them and keep that you have many friends in all over the world !Have a nice weekend !

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Blog friends are wonderful blessings! Hope your adventure is full of joy! blessings ~ tanna

Kit said...

Great gifts! Have a wonderful time! Kit

glor said...

Hello! Talk about long overdue ... I cannot thank you enough for the delight that my mailbox held several months ago. I had meant to write then to tell you of my treasured cloths you sent. I love them, cherish them and so taken that you thought of me. You made me feel special. I had meant to write right then, I have returned to work and am so busy that I completely overlooked thanking you, please forgive me! Today I came on as I can't locate my recipe from you for a wonderful vegeterian soup with lentils and salsa, etc. and I saw this post and realized that I too had a much more overdue thanks. I missing the blogging world and hope to get to it again in time but right now the time is very limited. Know that you are often in my thoughts. Best and blessings always to you and your family ...

Serena Lewis said...

Such beautiful gifts!! Lucky you, Tammy!

No need to apologise for your absence. I've only just blogged again for the first time since June. That's life, I guess. :)

Have a fabulous week,

Love and hugs ~ xo

Createology said...

How very special to receive such lovely gifts from your friends. Happy surprise mail is wonderful. Blessings...

Rostrose said...

So many pretty gifts, dearest Tammy! And I LOVE the photo of Jingles trying to steal the necklace ;o))
Warm hugs from Autumn-Austria :o))

vintage grey said...

Such beautiful gifts and treasures!! Hope that you are having a lovely start to the week! xo Heather

Patty Antle said...

You are so loved Tammy because you are lovely. Have a nice adventure and look forward to more of your posts!

Susan said...

Wow, Tammy.

How wonderful you got all those lovely gifts.

I'm still enjoying your beautiful pink and white "dollhouse comforter and matching pink and white rug!" Ha! You didn't intend them for those purposes but they sure worked for me.

Now you are on another adventure! Where are you off to? Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Susan

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my goodness, what lovely gifts! You deserve them all. wishing you happiness!

Catherine said...

So many wonderful and pretty things! Blog friends are the best - especially talented ones!!
xo Catherine

Pearlin J said...

Several of my online friends have been so kind to ma as well. Bloggers are really wonderful people. Hope to hear about your new adventure too

Grammy Braxton said...

Tammy, you are so very welcome. You are a lovely person and deserve each of those gifts so very much. Have a great trip and enjoy.



Hello Tammy, What very precious lovely gifts you have received.. YOU are certainly loved and treasured by you dear friends... Have a lovely weekend..Big Hug Judy

SusanLotus said...

So many lovely gifts!
I hope you are having a good time and hear from you soon again.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

You have received such lovely gifts from friends. Blog friendship is the best and thanks for yours and your visit.
Love the photo of sweet Jingles trying to retrieve the lovely necklace.
Wishing you a great week ahead

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! You are one popular lady! I sent you something too but it looks like you didn't get it...yet? If you don't let me know and I will send you another. I addressed it from the envelope I had from you...maybe it will show up still but it was a while ago. It was like Christmas at your house! For you anyway! LOL! What wonderful blogging friends we all are blessed with!

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