Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Oasis on a Dusty Day

The sun had to work extra hard yesterday.

Even though we had a bit of rain the nite before, the dust has settled in.

Shereen invited me to her place for lunch after school.

A bit of bliss on a day of drear.

Warm tuna salad served on lettuce.

Chocolate espresso cake served with strawberries, grapes and green tea.

And a gift! (My birthday is Saturday)

Shereen handstitched this gorgeous flower on a knubby silk material and had it framed.

A lovely way to end a very frantic morning (traffic was awful) and a busy day. I hope all of you are having a blissful day in your corner of the world. Friendship blessings, Tammy


Anonymous said...

Shereen is a wonderful friend. Not only did she make a beautiful presentation at lunch (are those Peonies?), she sets a wonderful table and great food. AND made you that astoundingly lovely handstitched picture.
A sweet friend indeed.

Diane said...

How lovely for you to have a friend who appreciates such beauty and detail. A very blissful end to the day indeed. Thanks for your note about the old hymn, too. That made my day. Diane

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Glad that you had a lovely day with your friend.
The peonies are beautiful and the food looks delicious.
Shereen hand stitched a gorgeous flower, present for you.

Have a happy week

bunny said...

Are those potato chips on that tuna?...lol
You have the nicest friends...looks like a lot of fun.


Bettyann said...

What a lovely way to spend a dreary day, with a dear friend and lovely food..take care and have a lovely week..

The English Romantic said...

Hi Tammy,
You've got dust and we have rain,rain,rain. You have a delightful friend in Shereen. what a pleasant day you had.
Smiles, Angela.

Anonymous said...

What to do with those dusty days... Our skies have been filled with dust the last few days. Your afternoon with Shereen looks wonderful. Her craftiness is something to admire for sure. What a lovely gift she made for you. Hope you are able to find a special place to put it in your house!!
Glad you were able to get past the traffic filled morning you had!!
Love ya,

glor said...

I would have gone straight to the dessert. Mmmm, looks so good! What a magnificent stitching, just beautiful. A birthday girl coming up ... happiness and blessings.

Marilyn said...

You do have the most wonderful friends....as I am sure they feel about you... you have dust...we have snow...
yuk in both cases....

Heather said...

Happy birthday a little early. The luncheon looks yummy and the gift is beautiful. Hope the dust settles down. We had a very rainy day yesterday and today we have a light dusting of snow on the ground. Have a wonderful day.

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

What a dear friend you have and I can see you had a lovely time. Best wishes for your Birthday on Saturday. Julie.C

rosarod said...

Hi Tammy, I admire the way that battles with the weather there! highlight the most important, your delicious lunch and the blessings that you added every day! Happy birthday to you! nice day! , Rose Marie

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a sweet birthday gift Tammy! I hope your day is wonderful. Your week is definitely starting out that way :-)

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

What a lovely afternoon spent with your dear friend! Shereen had such a special luncheon planned, everything looks so wonderful! Oh my, your birthday gift is gorgeous! Such beautiful work, Shereen's stitching is superb!!
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Dear Tammy!!
Big Hugs,
Carol Anne

vicki said...

Hi Tammy- Happy Birthday girlfriend! What a wonderful and beautiful gift from your friend- complete with chocolate expresso cake- to die for! So glad you had such a wonderful day and that you shared it all with us!


Serena said...

What a lovely friend Shereen is....a beautiful gift! That lunch looked beautiful presented and delicious!

Kathleen said...

A great way to spend an afternoon and a what a beautiful gift!

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