Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baseball and Bushes

Another season of baseball is about to begin.

Yesterday Zack had tryouts. Running ...

and batting...and fielding. Teams will be chosen and practices will start this coming week.

We were forced to leave our previous fields and have set up in a different location. No grass here, just sand for the moment.

Mid-afternoon we went to the plant souk.

Isn't this Indian jasmine so unusual?

This is the time of year for new plantings with the temperatures cooling down.

Of course, our high was 96 degrees yesterday. Not exactly cool!

But I spent a glorious two hours, repotting all that we bought, and then cleaning up the mess.

A productive happy day indeed! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. Friendship blessings, Tammy


Diane said...

Seems odd. We're ending and you're beginning. Your balconies look beautiful. Good luck to Zack in baseball. Diane

Rita said...

Dear Tammy,
thanks for your visit and Good luck to Zack in his baseball.
Seems so strange to see so many colorful flower pots in their full bloom while in my corner of the world they've already started their cold-season rest.
I'm quite tired as well and next thing I'll do after finishing my comment is go to bed.
wish you a happy and fun halloween with the kids.

Elaine said...

Ah you are starting baseball and we just ended the football for highschool. The plant souk( what does Souk) mean. Looks interesting and I see some of the annuals we have here.

Need to fix a snak and then curl up with a book.

Anonymous said...

So, Zack decided to play baseball after all!! It looked strange to see those fields. Too much dust. Make sure your crochet is in the purse so you can stay in the car on those dusty days... I look forward to hearing about all the games.
The plant souk looks wonderful and nicely colorful. Our last speaker at the AWA general meeting was a woman who specialized in landscaping and flowers. She showed us all the plants that grow nicely here. I hope your balcony looks lovely this morning. Send pictures of all the colors on your porch!!

Have a great Sunday!!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Baseball again? Already?????
It seemed like he just finished!
I'm certain that your little balcony patio is bursting with color!!! :)

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