Monday, August 10, 2009


I took an idea from my cousin, Gwen, to create my own journal. Last year, she took my picture and made it look like a magazine cover so I used that for the front of my journal.

 Inside, I paste tips, recipes and photos that I've collected from magazines. This combines them all in one place so that I have a quick and easy reference for what I might be looking for.

 Last nite I tried a new recipe called Calibasita which I served with sundried tomato couscous.

I wrote a note next to the recipe of what I thought about it and how I changed it up. Was quite tasty! My goal is to try at least one new recipe a week. Bon Appetit!


Melissa said...

My goodness, you just have creativity oozing out of every (orifice) of your body...I think that's a word.:) Total ownage baby. Food looks yummy but I probally wouldn't make it....needs to be fried. (lol)

Anonymous said...

That's the Melissa I know and love! Have you tackled Little Debbie while you've been in the States? :/ T

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea. I love the idea of putting it all in one place so you can put your comments about how you would change the recipe up. The food looks great, and I would certainly make it. No need for frying!! (lol)


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